Complete Email system for your Fans (MBE) has developed a unique online software system which enables you to engage more closely with your fans by selling them a personal email address associated with your brand.

From charities, football clubs, rugby clubs, and Formula One teams; to retail brands, celebrities, movies and TV shows; MyBrandEmail enables a brand with a following to create a new experience for your supporters whilst adding an exciting new revenue stream.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of MyBrandEmail:
  • Gather information about your fans
  • Keeps fans coming back to your website
  • Repeat business via annual renewals
  • Create unique opportunities for supporters
  • Create a brand new database of supporters
  • Extend the reach of your brand
  • All this without any technical input from you
Your brand is unique to you and your supporters. Please contact us to find out how we can help you get closer to your fans.


“We are very excited Bare Tree Media and MyBrandEmail have partnered to provide Garfield branded email to our fans. The service will allow our loyal fans to put some Garfield personality into their daily correspondence.”

Madelyn Ferris
VP of marketing
Paws, Inc.
Star Trek

“For several years, fans have been asking for personalized emails. The MyBrandEmail system allows fans to create a customized experience that best represents their role within the Star Trek community.”

Liz Kalodner
Executive Vice President and
General Manager
CBS Consumer Products
Star Trek

“We loved the My Brand Email proposition as it gives us an exciting and different digital product to offer our fans. The personalised Everton email has been selling well and the gift voucher is a great idea and has also been really popular.”

Scott Mcleod
Digital Media Manager
Everton Football Club Ltd
Everton Football Club

“I am really impressed with the My Brand Email concept. The service gives us a real differentiator and has helped us get closer to our fans and added a nice, new revenue stream for the club.”

Mike Turner
Gloucester Rugby
Gloucester Rugby Club
LIMA Member